A simple site that shows the current seasonal anime airing during the week. You can enter your Anilist username and the week will be your shows


An anime and manga search engine that lets you programmatically query it through the ?q= search parameter


Generate RSS feeds for your favorite anime studios, staff, & voice actors


Manage your AniList anime & manga on iOS

RSS Trim

Simple little service to fix malformed RSS feeds


Web editor for the Triaxis syx configuration


Web editor for the Ground Control Pro syx configuration

AoC: Java

Advent of Code: Java Edition

DaedaFusion Github

Java library toolbelt: service-framework, service-configuration, security-framework

aviary.gallery (OBE)

If you frequently like twitter posts from artists posting their latest creations, this site displays all that art in a dedicated gallery without all the twitter chrome around it. Killed by the removal of the Twitter API