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Dark Castle Which path did you choose?

Let’s take this in reverse chronological order:





For a year I worked with Paul Patrick building out a scalable business solution to gather, analyze and assess cyber threat intelligence. While we weren’t able to get it off the ground, I loved every second of it and got a chance to build some cool tech which you can find at the DaedaFusion Github repositories. The process of open sourcing is still on going but I hope to finish by the end of 2016.

Lockheed Martin

I worked for LM for 10 years out of school on a bunch of cool projects and with awesome teams. Here’s a quick run down (in chronological order this time):

GPS IIF Ground

I worked on helped deploy the next generation of the GPS ground software (the software that the Air Force runs to keep the GPS system working). It was a great learning experience, working primarily in C++ on both GUI and backend systems. Also got a chance to be on site at Schriever & Vandenberg AFB for testing and deployment dry runs.

TMOS Ground

When I moved out to the Bay Area, I joined the TMOS crew working on the prototype of the next generation satellite comm system (replacing AEHF). I got a chance to build my Java and distributed system chops as well as leading a prototype team building the user interface. Unfortunately with the economic downturn the project was canceled.

Software Research & Product

After TMOS, I joined up with Paul Patrick and built a team to explore Big Data systems, Graph databases and malware analysis with the goal to try to build a commercial cyber threat intelligence (CTI) product.