What a week. June is going to be rough. I we can get to the 4th of July weekend without permanent scarring, that will be a heroic accomplishment.

Electric Skies

So we managed to find a dog friendly apartment complex in Palo Alto. It’s a big complex right next to Greer park (next to 101), so I think we really lucked out on that front. It still means moving (basically our fifth in two years) and committing to something without knowing all the evolving job details. I’m looking forward to a point where we have just a little bit of stability.

Ann’s and Daniel’s graduation is next week. Lots of family coming in – other than the scheduling nightmare it should be really fun. We’ll try to follow that up with some decompression in Carmel before having to pack up the apartment and get the hell out of Dodge.

Photo: aresauburn™