Hail Storm - Made it to the truck just in time... almost

What a rough weekend.

Ann and I are both looking for jobs at this point. Quite a significant stress level right there. Then on Friday we got a notice from our landlord that he needs to move into our apartment, and that we have two months to find a new place. Let’s just say our stress level was ridiculous. This was all compounded by Wolfi having a bout with ticks that we had to clean and deal with. At this point we’re both punch drunk. Life has tripped us up and is kicking us while we’re down.

Finding a new apartment is going to be a challenge this time around. There are very few apartments that allow dogs and most that do only allow small ones (>25lbs). Wolfi is not a big dog, but he weighs in at a solid 35lbs and a standard schnauzer does not have the reputation of a small dog. We will be incredibly lucky to find another place in Palo Alto, so we’re not counting on that – which means branching out. Probably Mountain View to Redwood City. The complication of course is that neither one of us know where our next jobs will be. There’s a chance I could still be at Lockheed in San Jose, or I might be in San Francisco. Ann has an equally wide area she could end up in. We were going to address our living situation once we settled on jobs, but it looks like we’ll have to invert the timing on this one.

Ann has one more week of school, a handful of finals, loads of interviews, and all the fun “disorientation” GSB events. If we can make it through the next two months unscathed… it will be quite a miraculous feat.

Oh! There really needs to be a website dedicated to dog owners in search of apartments. Maybe I should get on that.

Photo: RWayne