First off, for anyone who listens to Foo Fighters, I’m hooked on their song ‘Best of You’. How does this relate to the rest of their music? I’ve probably heard their songs on XM, but nothing really stands out. ‘Best of You’ is a great song – I’m curious if I should pick up an album. And ironically, I also really like Nelly Furtado’s ‘Say it Right’… its not a great song but the melody is definitely catchy.

cds on their way

Threshold released their followup to their hit album Subsurface with what sounds like another great album, Dead Reckoning. Seriously, this band hasn’t released a bad album. They are constantly playing on my iPod. The new single, Slipstream (head to their website to hear the radio edit) features a little growl, which I normally don’t like but its used only sparingly and actually to good effect. Their lead singer, Mac (yes, just Mac… like Edge), is fantastic and they really know how to use layered vocals to great effect. Great crunchy guitars and layered keyboards… Their style runs a wide gamut, so there is definitely something for everyone.

Spock’s Beard has a new album out, simply titled Spock’s Beard. This is their third album without Neal Morse, who left to do is own religious solo projects. Unfortunately, while still excellent, they haven’t been quite the same without him. However, the few snippets I’ve heard off their latest sound really good – a return to what made them one of my all time favorite bands. I have my fingers crossed for this one.

Dream TheaterDream Theater just finished their ninth album Systematic Chaos and their first with their new label, Roadrunner Records (they were formerly with EastWest, a branch of WB, I believe). I haven’t heard anything yet, but every album of theirs is something to behold, and I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

Symphony X took four years to complete their latest, Paradise Lost. I love their sound, I just hope they have evolved a bit… their previous few albums while very good, all sounded the same stylistically. Between their insane guitarist Michael Romeo and their incredible singer Sir Russel Allen, these guys always kick ass =) Unfortunately their one tour date in San Francisco is the same weekend I’ll be in Vegas… grrrr.

Should be a very good year =)