I did a little clean up on the wpg2 plugin so now all the links go to my gallery rather than an embedded page (much better now) as well as clean up a little security issue =)

FYI, Gallery 2.2.1 was just released, however I haven’t upgraded yet. Things are settled now (even though there are quite a few features I would like to use now), I think I’ll let the release simmer for a before taking the plunge. Ultimately I want to setup a store front where people can buy custom framed prints. However, I have no delusions that will happen any time soon.

The past week I’ve spent most of my time on the Kubuntu side of my laptop, only going over to windows to update Quicken and do some music composition/recording (haven’t done any photography in a while, unfortunately). I have to say, I really wish I could take the full plunge (at least have windows running in a VM), but that will have to wait until this summer =) And by the way, Amarok is a kick-ass piece of software!


Well it turns out I may need to upgrade gallery a bit sooner. I played around with wpg2 for a few hours last night and realized the gallery codex documentation was referring to the latest release (2.2) not the one I’m running (2.1) – ARG! Identified a few more improved features that would be nice to have how… Oh well. I think I’ll still wait a month or so.