As Sim pointed out (and which I’ve been meaning to post on =) the Serenity DVD is out December 20th. Needless to say, it will be in my hands on the 20th =)

I did want to comment on something though… When you look at the cover “art” for the DVD.

It doesn't reflect Serenity at all! To be perfectly honest, it looks really bad! All the fans where shocked at it. Joss Whedon has posted on the Browncoats forum, saying "I'm not the boss of this..." Which leads me to my main question...
Who did Joss Whedon piss off so badly to get this badly treated?

For someone who clearly loves their work, and who has dedicated so much time and heart into this project, only to have it ripped away by Fox after never really given a chance, and then Universal blankety mis-marketing the movie? I don’t want to bash on Universal. They took up the movie rights and let Joss produce something. I’m still hoping he gets another go… The last numbers I saw were $30 million in domestic, and speculation that it will stop around $35 million by the time it is completely gone from the theaters (its still hanging around at the smaller theaters now). DVD sales are going to do really well (regardless of the cover art), so from everything I’ve read, this won’t be a loss for Universal (unlike some of their other projects recently)

So who knows… I’m still hoping against hope that we will see something more.


Looks like Fox just canceled Arrested Development… Sorry Sim =(