How could I forget! At least Fox had the decency to bring it back, but I mean, seriously! Who the hell is in charge there? No one willing to make an investment in quality programming, and they choose really, really crappy stuff instead!

One thing that I didn’t realize is that each episode of Firefly cost roughly $2 million. Not having anything to compare it to, I would guess that’s pretty high. I have no idea what syndication allows for. Serenity cost $39 million (Universal budgeted $40, so it came in under budget), but it doesn’t look like it will recoup cost with domestic returns, which are around $24 million, and it’s being pulled from the larger theaters to make room (its not showing in any of the DC theaters that I know of). Everyone’s hoping the international returns are a bit better. Universal had said somewhere that if the movie made $50 million domestic and/or $80 million international, then they would green light a sequel. No one knows if that includes DVD profits or not (I sure hope so). I have to imagine the film also boosted sales of the TV episodes box set (though those numbers are harder to track).

I really hope it doesn’t completely die. It would be much better to have a TV series revived, but I’m not holding my breath for that one. Whedon is now writing the screen play for Wonder Woman and many of the actors are/will take off to bigger (and possibly better) things.

I guess its just one of those things… The short lived burns brightly I guess.