So I’m trying to figure out how to use this space now. Most “content” is being pushed through various social networking outlets (FriendFeed, Twitter, Facebook), that this space has been sorely neglected. I’ve been trying to integrate my “workflow” so to speak and I haven’t yet figured out yet what this blog means (it also doesn’t help that I haven’t had time to put fingers to keys other than short bursts that are better suited to FriendFeed or Twitter).

I want to get back to writing some longer pieces, because I think it helps in other areas of life to practice writing more than 140 characters. Below is my current social networking workflow:

Update: I removed my embedded sliderocket presentation, because for some reason it started crashing Firefox. On the chance this was happening to anyone else, I thought it best to be removed. You can see it by going here.

My current twitter status (which I set either through Twitter, Tweetdeck or FriendFeed) is pushed to my Facebook feed. This blog, youtube and Google Reader are pulled into both Facebook & Friendfeed and non-duplicate entries from Facebook are pulled into FriendFeed.

One of the major reasons this elaborate setup is needed is that a very small fraction (essentially zero) of my Facebook friends use FriendFeed and none of the people I interact with on FriendFeed are friends on Facebook. Twitter is just a useful mechanism to bridge the two (most people I follow on Twitter are also on FriendFeed). An additional issue is that Facebook is blocked at work, while Twitter & FriendFeed are still available (at least for now). FriendFeed is an aggregator as well as a publisher, which should put it in an ideal position, but it currently wont push into Facebook the way Twitter does.

One would think this would be easier. The walled gardens have slowly been opening up, so I’m holding on to hope that one day the system will just work.