I uploaded some of my parents pictures (since they weren’t about to do it themselves =) These aren’t my photos, but deserves some exposure, none the less.

ken and angela

First set is from Ken & Angel’s AIDS Ride from SF to LA. A really impressive feat, and I’m really tempted to train for it next year.

anne, jake & jamari

Second set is the family trip to Hawaii over the 4th of July, which unfortunately we couldn’t tag along. Ann & I missed out on two opportunities to vacation in Hawaii this summer, and we’re severely bummed about it. We’re still holding out hope we can head somewhere before Ann heads back to school, but we’re playing it by ear.

My parents are also starting on their retirement/sabbatical trip in a few weeks. They’re going to start a blog on it, so we’ll see how good they are about keeping it up to date =)