Pretty amazing that two weeks on the iPhone is still so scarce. We strolled by the Apple store in PA around noon and it was already sold out for the day (they apparently handed out claim tickets to avoid having a long line). I don’t have the patience to do more than just walk into a store and pick one up. My guess is it will probably be another two weeks before the supply meets up with the demand.

Gave Wolfi a bath today – he’s a fairly good sport about it, but you can tell it’s not one of his favorite things in the world. He’s really shaggy now… the earliest grooming appointment we could make isn’t for another two weeks. Poor guy gets really hot on warm days like today. We’re heading up to Orinda for my dad and stepmom’s retirement/sabbatical party. Hopefully we can keep him cool… I very much doubt he’s much of a pool dog.