My first ever music video production…

Threshold’s Pilot in the Sky of Dreams set to clips from Serenity. Shiny!

Creation Thoughts

First of all, this is a 10 minute song. It would be insanely difficult to cut together clips of short length (>1 sec to 4 secs) – It would take forever. So I used longer length clips and as best as I could tried to tell a story against the lyrics. I had a few clips that I wanted to go with certain passages, and then tried to connect them in a pleasing way (some with more success than others).

There is a whole new layer to movies when you start looking at it frame by frame (especially Joss’ work on Serenity). Lots of quick single frame images, extremely short clips to convey movement or transition… its really interesting. I can’t imagine the work the editor and director of a movie go through to cut together raw footage. Very tedious and prone to over-thought.

Its unfortunate that the youtube restrictions are so limited for video size and audio quality… The full thing is really awesome to watch full screen.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!