We just need to get through this weekend…

We took keys to our new apartment on campus on Tuesday. Definitely a rollercoaster ride though. We had called the housing office last week and they said our apartment was in this other highrise that wasn’t mentioned as a couples housing location, so we were concerned we were just going to get stuck with a bunch of underclassmen (no offense). It also wasn’t a building that had a balcony and was even smaller than the other floor plans (if that was even possible). So we were pretty bummed about that (you know that feeling of getting screwed by a random chance you have no control over?)

But when Ann went to pick up the keys they had changed it to a different building (an 8 story building which was what we were hoping for, because it had the better floor plan). However, when she arrived, she saw that we are only on the second floor right above the entrance… grrrr. Not much of a view and we get to hear everyone entering and leaving the building. So, basically your ups and downs, but I think we made out OK.

So now we have to pack up our Sunnyvale apartment and move as well as pack up our stuff in Lafayette and take a uhaul down tomorrow. And then turn right around and haul tail up to Yuba City for my step-brother’s rehearsal dinner (with the wedding on Saturday).

We’re going to need a vacation after this stint.