oh… my… $DEITY

This post is more a laundry list of this past weekend, but ugh… totally nuts.

Thursday (55 miles driven + commute)

Finish up work and then take a load of stuff over to the Stanford apartment (Abrams). Drive both cars up to Lafayette, and get in late enough that we really didn’t get any of the packing we needed to get done.

Friday (212 miles driven)

Pick up the uhaul at 7:30am (ugh) and start the 3D Tetris puzzle. We basically fill the truck and the CR-V to capacity and we didn’t even fit everything in that trip. Caravan down to Stanford and begin the unloading process. When I say “unload,” I don’t want to convey any resemblance of order. This was more like, dump in the apartment and run. Everything still in boxes basically. Now, we had very tight timetable. We had to drop off the truck, get back to Sunnyvale to shower and pack, then hightail it up to Yuba city for my step-brother’s rehearsal dinner… at 6:30pm. Needless to say, we were panicked and rushed to get moving so we wouldn’t ground to a halt fighting Friday afternoon traffic). Incredibly, we made it up to Yuba City with 10 minutes to spare… quite a feat when you think about it.

(BTW, they finally finished the Benicia bridge approach remodel… toll booth on the south side. Quite a significant improvement.)


Relaxing afternoon, followed by a nice out door wedding in the central valley heat. It could have been worse, but it was definitely quite warm. It was great catching up with everyone we hadn’t seen in a while since we’ve been out in DC. However, halfway through the night we discovered someone had stolen Ann’s purse (with her wallet). That put quite a damper on the festivities (basically the last hour of dancing was spent searching and stressing out). We both go to bed stressing about how to handle it come the morning.

Sunday (170 miles driven)

Woke up the following morning bright and early needing to head down to take one more load from my Mom’s house to Stanford and then finish cleaning out the Sunnyvale apartment. The great news came that Ann’s purse was discovered in a shower at the house (where the wedding took place), and the only thing missing was the $20 in cash Ann had. Alls well that ends well, I guess. That was definitely a huge load off our minds and at least made the rest of the day manageable. More driving, more moving, and yet more driving.

While our apartment is still full of boxes, its slowly getting its way there. Lots of planning has to take place because of the small space. Basically laying everything out before you solidify its position in the room. Lots of quirks to the apartment (don’t have a microwave yet, no dishwasher, a sink not big enough to really wash dishes by hand, etc), but I think it will work out nicely.

The parts to my new desktop arrive this week, so I’ll pick them up from Lafayette probably on Friday.