So we saw the pilot to ABC’s new show Traveler. I’m going to hold off coming to a firm conclusion yet because I don’t know what the format of the actual episodes will be, but here are a few things that come to mind. It seems a little too contrived – too many people have to purposefully make bad decisions to establish the plot rather than it being a flow of natural conclusions, which I think is important at least when establishing the basic premise of your show. Ann remarked that it felt a little like 24, and I agree a little, but at least it doesn’t have the stupid “real time” gimmick. The pilot was more setting the plot than introducing the characters, so I don’t know yet how deep they really are, but for a show like this to survive on the laurels of its two main young actors, they need to allow for complex characters (hopefully).

On a completely unrelated note, I’m writing this post in IE6 rather than my usual Firefox and realize how much I really need Firefox’s built in spell checker. I’ll need to proof this (and everything else) in Firefox before publishing.