March 21, 2007

Serenity -- where are they now

To anyone who watched Firefly & Serenity, you understand how I feel about the actors. I loved the characters they portrayed, and once it went riding off into the sunset on the silver screen (well before its time), I want the actors to at least go on to bigger projects… hoping to see them once again on screen. I thought I would gather up some information on what they’ve been up to (mostly via imdb, albeit).

  • Joss Whedon
    • Its unfortunately been a rough time for Joss. After Serenity made its run through the theaters, he was tapped to write a Wonder Woman screenplay. After working on it for about a year, the studio decided it wasn't working and moved on. I'm not sure what he's been up to since, but imdb has a mysterious project listed... though no one seems to know exactly what it is. So I guess we're in a wait and see mode.
  • Nathan Fillion
    • There is no reason why he can't be the next Harrison Ford if given the chance (and Ann agrees... an even better one). Ann and I this past weekend supported our local indy theater with a showing of Namesake (a fantastic movie by the way... highly recommended... and apparently a very good book -- Ann read it). I got very excited during the previews seeing the trailer for his next film. Looks to be a small film with a good cast. I never did see Slither... just not my cup of tea. But hopefully there is more mainstream work coming his way.
  • Gina Torres
    • I haven't seen the movie yet, but Gina has a part in Chris Rock's latest I Think I Love My Wife. Looks like she just completed another project, though I don't know anything about it.
  • Alan Tudyk
    • Apparently a very good voice actor, did work on both Ice Age movies. After doing a bit of CSI work, has done two films, unfortunately both unknown to me.
  • Morena BaccarinMorena
    • I just don't understand why studios aren't knocking down the door for her. Looks like she's been making the TV rounds (Stargate SG-1, Las Vegas, Justice, OC).
    • She is just knock your socks off pretty...
  • Adam Baldwin
    • Another one doing TV and voice work. He had actually done quite a bit of TV work prior to Firefly.
  • Jewel Staite
    • Another Stargate appearance (Atlantis this time), and completing work on a film for next year.
  • Sean Maher
    • Looks like a handful of projects... On a side note... Party of Five?? Anyway, I can't imagine how hard it is to make it in the entertainment business with the limited amount of work they seem to do a year.
  • Summer Glau
    • Again, more work on television (though it looks more substantial) with The Unit and The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I think there was rumored somewhere she was going to play a Terminator on the latter.
  • Ron Glass
    • More TV work for Ron. He's done actually quite a bit in his career. When I first checked his page on imdb, it was barely filled in, aside from Firefly & Serenity. He has been around the block! Hasn't done much since Serenity though.

So there you have it. A one stop shop recap. Hope you enjoyed this edition. Stay tuned for more (maybe an annual thing…)

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