So this post was supposed to go out last weekend. I had turned on Wordpress’s feature of scanning a POP3 email account to add posts. Needless to say it looks like it doesn’t work, so I’m just going back to manual postings. So much for that feature.

Anyway, the exciting news of the day is that my new laptop arrived. =) Multiple things prompted this - the primary reason is that a few weeks ago, my Fujitsu (which had faithfully served me for almost 4 years) just flat out croaked. Motherboard is my best guess. Basically unrecoverable. Thankfully the hard drive was still intact, so I was able to recover the necessary files (one of which was the Excel file that Ann and I were keeping track of all our wedding stuff, which I hadn’t make a recent back up of… that was a little scary)

I did end up getting Thinkpad T42. The last generation made by IBM (It still says IBM on it and all the documentation… I’m very happy about that). I’ll post a review later on, but I must say, I am extremely impressed. This is the third laptop I’ve owned (Dell, Fujitsu, and now Thinkpad) and I’ve used countless others, but this is by far the highest quality and nicest laptop I’ve ever used!

When it first arrived, Ann remarked that it looked “Old School.” Well in fact it does a little. My Fujitsu was a ultra-mobile, silver laptop. Most of Dell’s offerings have a future, “advanced” look (while still looking like PsOS). The Thinkpad looks like it means business (which is exactly its intention). Anyway, I’m very happy with it. Look for a review sometime soon.

Last weekend we went down to Monticello with Ann’s parents. Unfortunately it turned out to be pretty overcast, but I think I got some nice pictures (a little gloomy sky adds some drama). I’m in the process of making them now (the panoramas take a while… I usually leave it running while I’m at work and then kick something off before bed…). I’ll try to get them up by this weekend.