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Missing features from software I use daily

February 26, 2023

Terminal Innovations: Warp

hidden Some quick thoughts after playing around with Warp - a new terminal emulator for Mac (Windows and Linux reportedly coming later). It’s great to see some innovation coming to a tool I use daily. My current terminal emulator iTerm2 has served me very well for more than a decade. I tried a few of the JS/CSS-based emulators that came out a few years ago, but they weren’t offering anything that I needed and introduced a whole new set of downsides....

April 6, 2022

Give f.lux a try

I think I tried f.lux a year or so ago, and uninstalled it soon after without really giving it a shot. I wish I had stuck with it a bit more because having recently rediscovered it, I think it’s making a big difference. If you’ve never heard of f.lux, it is a program for OSX, iOS, Windows & Linux that changes the overall color temperature of your display in the evening by dramatically reducing the amount of red light....

November 20, 2015