MacBook Pro Thoughts

Some thoughts on Apple’s new MacBook Pro

January 18, 2017

note to Apple

Please give us a mouse with two freaking buttons! This right-click success rate of 50% is annoying the crap out of me. I pulled out my old crappy Belkin travel mouse and you know what? When I want to right click now? I just press the right mouse button and what do you know?! It works every freaking time! I know design means a lot to you – so go ahead and design a great “actual” two button mouse....

May 19, 2009

sdk reaction

There are a lot more fully informed opinions on Apple iPhone SDK announcement, but here are a few of my thoughts as to how it relates to my own personal world… Apple struck a good compromise on control versus freedom. I think most people are happy with the benefits and willing to accept the limitations. I have never tried the Apple Xcode development platform... I might have to spring for a mac mini =) No 3G or GPS announcement....

March 7, 2008

an ipod with a dash of rockbox

As I indicated in a previous post, this past Christmas I was gifted a 30GB Video iPod. I had bought one for Ann (a Nano) almost a year earlier, and had “borrowed” it on occasion. Its interface was much better than almost anything else out there (hence its incredible success in the marketplace), but I was hesitant. Being firmly against DRM the integration with iTunes Store did nothing for me. I also didn’t want to be tied to a platform (be it AAC, or anything else)....

February 21, 2007