Given Kindle’s wifi features and the ability to pull down newspapers (if I could get the Economist and the Washington Post I would be a very happy man), I’m very close to sold. However, there is one thing I wish they did:

For the price of the book + $1 or $2, I get the book AND the kindle version. For people who don’t want the physical book, charge half the price of the physical book.

I’m the type of person that still buys CDs because I still want the physical media (in a very universal format). I like having a bookshelf full of the books I’ve read and liked (it’s a great conversation starter). If it’s a really good book, I’d like to be able to give it or read it to my grand kids. I can’t be sure the Kindle will be around for 60+ years, let alone remain backward compatible with books I bought when it first came out.

I’m definitely not going to spend 2x the price for both the hard and soft copies. All this leaves me stuck in the middle, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.