Well I know its been a long wait, but I’m finally getting around to processing all those pictures taken in the last 4 months. Expect quite a bit of new stuff coming soon.

We’ll start with two great panorama vistas: The first taken at the ‘Grand View’ vista point and the second taken at the ‘Desert View’ tower. Remember, these are really scaled down (the full size posted in the gallery is 25% of the original, so the detail in the full size is remarkable – click on the title to head to the gallery page). I’m anxious to print these.

Just a quick little rant here. There is one (in my mind) huge flaw with the Nikon D70 interface (and wasn’t corrected when I tried Jeff’s D80) – The ISO setting is not showing in the viewfinder or on the top LCD. To me, this is a huge oversight. I think I took 50 pictures at the Grand Canyon when I got there and I had forgotten to set my ISO (it was left on 1600 from a indoor night shoot the previous outing). I usually have a good routine where the ISO is the first thing I check; I simply forgot this time. As a result, I missed out on some really good early morning light, with ruined photographs that have ISO 1600 noise. Simply showing this value in the viewfinder or on the LCD would be a quick reminder what the setting is. In my mind its more important that what the white balance is set at (because as long as you shoot RAW, you can adjust later) and equal to the file format (RAW/JPG) and quality (Fine/Small/etc), because they are things that aren’t recoverable.