So this weekend was spent purging my mom’s house of basically 15 years of crap buildup between three brothers. When you try to visualize the numbers, remember, the bags I’m referring to are the hug Hefty black trash bags…

  • 18+ bags of trash
  • 14 bags of recycling
  • 30+ bags of goodwill
  • 1 couch
  • 4 twin beds+mattresses
  • 1 very large TV

And this doesn’t include the garage, which could probably rival the numbers on a sheer order of magnitude. We have a goodwill pickup scheduled for next week, a trash pickup in a few weeks to take the bags, couch, and TV. My mom is going to try to slowly eek out the recycling on a week by week basis, but I think she’s a bit overly optimistic.

It really is amazing the amount of stuff you accumulate. You look at it and think… “Oh that was so cool! I was keeping that for a reason…” And then the truth that its just an empty box, old manual, derelict computer and the bottom line is that you don’t need it anymore.

The garage is probably a few days on its own.