That was so much harder than it needed to be. It does not help when the rest of the world’s DNS servers refresh every four hours and your own ISP (damn RCN) refreshes every 30 hours (son of a bitch).

Anyway. I’ve moved hosts, so hopefully things will be nicer now… more responsive and less unknown internal server errors. The marching band website got a new domain ( and a face lift in the process.

Managing your own server (complete with root access) is a lot harder that I thought it was going to be. I really didn’t appreciate all the complexities in even a standard configuration (Apache is a complex beast!). I think I have most things “working” now and all things need are some spit and polish. I managed to move everything over without killing either my blog or gallery, which was a fantastic feat in my book. If you notice anything different please point it out because it will be a new problem this time around.

And while I was doing that I was woefully delinquent on packing… I have a way-to-early flight tomorrow morning and I’ve only done a cursory pass at the suitcase. Laundry and errands call now, and then figure out how to pack for 4 weeks in two suitcases.