When it comes to successful rebirths of a video game franchise, the most recent stellar performer must be Prince of Persia. It came a long way from its primitive beginnings on early Macintosh platforms. Even then it was still a great game. Ubisoft did a remarkable job with the original remake (The Sands of Time) and eventually put out one of the most successful video game trilogy’s of all time (Warrior Within and Two Thrones) – all three of which I throughly enjoyed.

It has come to light that Disney has teamed up with Jerry Bruckheimer to make a movie version of the first video game, Sands of Time. Let me first say at the moment I can’t recall a single good video-game-to-movie adaptation – and there have been some really bad ones of late cough DOOM cough. When you combine that with Disney’s propensity to mess good things up and Bruckheimer’s tendency for the overly dramatic cough Pearl Harbor cough Armageddon cough I don’t think I’ll ever get above “cautiously optimistic” for this one. However, it sounds like, they are following the Pirates of the Caribbean model where they loosely construct a new story around the original concept. With no casting revealed as yet, we have no idea if Johnny Depp will be cast to single handedly make the film good.