Back from a great (but disconcertingly cold) weekend in Detroit. It was a fantastic wedding and wonderful to see my friends, many of whom its been four years since I saw them last. Everyone is so spread out over the country it’s only at weddings that you manage to get everyone together. I hope to find some excuses to get everyone to fly out to California (maybe with the lure of Tahoe). However, I have to make a quick turn around tomorrow to California – Vandenberg, AFB specifically – to support some testing. I should have some down time in the hotel (contingent on how things go, obviously) and I have quite a few drafts I’ve been meaning to get out, so stay tuned. On a side note, I really wish wordpress had better draft management. I would really love to sort drafts into “time-critical” and “non-time-critical” groups, to make sure I get the time sensitive ones out the door first.