If you haven’t seen these, then take a few minutes to catch up.

First off, Al Gore testified before the House and Senate committees on his views on global warming and energy usage (this clip is from the Senate Environment & Public Works (EPW) committee. When you watch this, remember, Inhofe was the former chairperson of the committee (Boxer replaced him after the election). The man who believes global warming and the persecution of the environment are the greatest hoaxes ever played on the American public… and he was the one in charge for 6 years of “protecting” the environment!

Secondly, here’s a Daily Show clip where Jon takes on John Bolton (former UN ambassador). Everything that came out of Bolton’s mouth made me gag with disbelief, and I’m impressed how Jon manages to take him on without blowing up (I love the bit at the end).

Since Ann is extremely familiar with the on-goings at these committees, it’s like having a commentary track playing during a movie – provides some incredible perspective. Thank $DIETY the Democrats took back both houses… at least the discussion is happening now rather than buried.