It really was an exhausting, intimidating, and fun weekend (bookended by two days). A couple of points to get across before some highlights.

The GSB community seems a fantastic fit. Because a good number of students are married, they really make sure the “SOs” are welcome and included. We get access to all the facilities and we can take all the classes (if we want/have time). There is a significant number of international students – I think they shoot for about 25% of each class. Most of the students we met were from traditional backgrounds (investment banking, consulting… traditional business). Ann was one of the few from a non-traditional background. But it was intimidating when you realized the exceptional backgrounds of the people who will be your classmates.

All in all, it was overwhelming but at the same time very exciting. We didn’t want to head back to DC (of course heading back to a sleet storm didn’t help). Trying to plan things out, it looks like we’ll move out in the last week of July, take a nice road trip via Hwy 40, and arrive in the Bay Area in the middle of August.

I was able to get some of the new panos from the trip done. I’ll post more later, but in the mean time you can head over to my gallery and check them out.