I have quite a few posts queued up at the moment, so I’m going to try to get them out so I can get to some more interesting/recent developments – nice trip to CA, admit weekend, etc. On a quick aside, there is an annoying bug in the most recent version of Wordpress that the post timestamp remains when you created the entry, not when it was published. Anyone else come across this? I have two links here (and here) with some absolutely breathtaking photography. Both are collections of mostly aerial shots of some incredible places on earth. The second set is from a Russian pilot who took the shots while flying!

In general, if you can get your camera to an unusual point of a common setting, you can capture remarkable stuff. Simply getting on your knees or stomach to shoot up or up on a rock shooting down, immediately takes a shot from ordinary to something with potential. Add to that some good light, luck, timing and skill, you have all the makings of a stunning photograph. I think that’s why most of these are eye-catching – you’re not used to seeing these things from that angle.

We just got back from CA and I have a new batch of photos to process. Should be quite a few good shots (both single and pano). I’ll try to get them up soon.