September 17, 2006

Transition with Wine/Crossover

Wine is the open source Windows emulator program for Linux -- A very handy thing to have working well if you ever want to make the transition. I have already determined that when I put together my next desktop which will hopefully be some time next year, I will run Kubuntu (If any of this sounds familiar, I already blogged about it =) Cossover Office is a program put out by Codeweavers that is based on Wine. What it adds is the configuration management that IMO is almost impossible without. A perfect example of making a business off of open source software.

I’m trying to capture what I need to work with Crossover. Figure out what works now, and what hopefully will come soon.

  • iMatch
  • Currently works in the win2000 bottle
  • Capture One LE
  • PT Assembler + tools
  • Quicken
    • Advertised to work but not tested
  • Ant Movie Catalog
    • Currently houses my movie and CD collection. However, I think I'll eventually migrate over to Tellico (KDE app) when it gets to v2.0
  • Photoshop CS
  • Things that if they worked, would be great, but probably are not deal breakers (I will continue running XP on my laptop since IBM/Lenovo doesn’t (yet) include the integration software and drivers for linux.

    • Drumsite
    • Finale 2002
    • Guitar Pro
    • Cubase

    My testing rig is my old desktop (which is frighteningly slow at this point). I’ll post updates as things work or don’t work.

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