Wine is the open source Windows emulator program for Linux – A very handy thing to have working well if you ever want to make the transition. I have already determined that when I put together my next desktop which will hopefully be some time next year, I will run Kubuntu (If any of this sounds familiar, I already blogged about it =) Cossover Office is a program put out by Codeweavers that is based on Wine. What it adds is the configuration management that IMO is almost impossible without. A perfect example of making a business off of open source software.

I’m trying to capture what I need to work with Crossover. Figure out what works now, and what hopefully will come soon.

Things that if they worked, would be great, but probably are not deal breakers (I will continue running XP on my laptop since IBM/Lenovo doesn’t (yet) include the integration software and drivers for linux.

My testing rig is my old desktop (which is frighteningly slow at this point). I’ll post updates as things work or don’t work.