This is such a fantastic movie, and really shows (I think) where the industry is going with film – smaller, independent productions with quality actors. The recent success of films by Liongate Films and Fox Searchlight seems to be catching on.

With the success of 40-Year-Old Virgin, Steve Carell’s stock has been soaring. In Sunshine though, he stretches his acting even further, and I was tremendously impressed. His character is complex, emotionally scarred, but still has the little bit of wit and humor we know Carell possesses.

There is a great evolution in the film as it progresses from the opening scene in hospital ward. While it starts with drama-like seriousness, as each of the members of the family are revealed and pile into the van for a trip to Los Angeles we loose the seriousness in favor of humorous family quirks but without loosing the sincerity. What you end up with is really a lovable dysfunctional family.

Its pretty slow right now for good movies. I haven’t heard anything good coming up this fall/winter. It will be interesting to see who the Oscar contenders are this year – my guess is that might be another ‘sleeper’ hit like Crash.