I swear, wow’d twice in a span of an hour!

Check out this. Knoppix is a Live CD distribution of Linux. Basically, that means that the OS boots off of the CD rom and directly into memory, never touching your hard drive. In my opinion it has been the biggest reason for Linux adoption, because it allows users to test out without modifying their system.

Accelerated Knoppix is a modification by a Japanese developer to make the boot process as fast as possible. Normal live CDs suffer from slow boot times because its reading off the CD rom… that is until now.

This Live CD boots faster than my Windows OS that is booting from my hard drive! Seriously! I’m typing this post running Linux from RAM, which in some ways is actually faster than Windows on this laptop!

Download it. Try it. When you get the boot prompt enter knoppix lang=us because the default is Japanese.

It is really incredible!! If you always wanted to dabble with linux, this is the way to do it!


Here is a torrent.