When we were home last weekend (in the great weather), I went out to the hill by my house to take a pano of Mt. Diablo. I thought I’d try to push it, and right now my computer is crunching on a 250 MP image! I started on my laptop (which is faster) for 12 hours, but it only got around 30% done. I didn’t want to tie up my laptop that long, so I kicked off the process again on my desktop (only 500Mhz and 612 MB memory) so it might take a long time, but the initial output looks pretty good. I’ll post (albiet a much smaller version) when its done.


Going on 36 hours and about 50% done…


60 hours and about 80% done… My poor desktop has been trashing like none other. Blending operations requiring more than 4GB to accomplish!! This was an 84 stitch pano! 250 Mega Pixels! The guy who wrote the software was the first to put together a 1 GP (gigapixel) pano! Some serious stuff.