What a fucking trip down memory lane!

Way, way, way back when… my very first computer was an Apple IIgs. An evolutionary step up from the Apple II or IIe. It marked the last “Apple” Apple computer before it went entirely with Macintosh. Anyway, there were lots of… how shall I put this… classic games released for it. I still have my IIgs, though I haven’t connected it up in years, and I have to imagine all my old discs are shot at this point…

In comes the wonder of emulation!

Head on over to this site. It has all the old rom images for all the old IIgs games. The most advanced emulator is a tad hard to use, but it supports everything… mouse, sound. OH WOW. I went and downloaded Crystal Quest! Marble Madness! Dark Castle! OMG! What a trip.

Getting it running is a challenge (it uses very antiquated terminology…) but if you are interested in taking a trip back in time, let me know and I can post instructions on getting things running. Holy Shit! I must have spent a year of my elementary school life playing Crystal Quest alone! And that sound CQ makes when you go through the portal at the end of each level! Literally orgasmic =) I need to get a sound clip of that!


Apparently, there is an Xbox 360 version of Crystal Quest! Who knew.


Task Force baby! Brilliant!