So I decided to take a peek at the stats they my webhost keeps about my domain. Lots of interesting things I never new (all numbers are rounded down to a nice even number).

  • Between January 2005 and January 2006, my domain (everything under had 51,000 visits
  • During that year, I served 12.5 GB of data (about a GB a month)
  • During the month of November (the month of most traffic) I had 190 visits per day.
I also have a breakdown of what type of browser visited the site. From the (top) User Agent strings, the breakdown looks like
  • 50% Internet Explorer
  • 12% Mozilla
  • 17% Bots (Google, MSN, Yahoo)
  • 1% Safari
  • 20% Other (It only listed the top user agent strings. Most of Other is probably IE)
The software package my host uses to keep track of these things doesn't look very good. I could probably roll my own or go find a PHP script or PHP Pear implementation to integrate, but really I'm lazy =)

It looks like most of my traffic is through the Band website (figures), but actually not as much as I might have thought. It will be interesting to look at the stats next spring and see if Mozilla/Firefox gains even more ground.