Anyone looking for direct evidence that history repeats itself can stop. Go pick up a newspaper, read, and weep.

Why is this country in the state its in right now? What explains this incredible push by the religious right? Is this the way its going to be, or is this just a phase and the backlash is coming?

Smarter men and women than me can’t seem to find an answer. Sure, some have theories (no pun intended), but predicting the future is always a tough business to be in.

Ironically however, what is happening in Kansas right now, I’m a little torn over (though I don’t think I’m right to be). The avenue the creationists are taking now is one of “Theories need to be challenged, else scientific progress can’t happen.” The problem is, I agree with the statement, but I vehemently disagree with their motives. Their motive is one of getting creation (or intelligent design as they are using now) to replace evolution as the current theory. I’m not against questioning theories, but you at least need to have evidence questioning the theory. Simply “Life is too complicated for evolution to explain” is not evidence. It is opinion, and damn ignorant if you ask me. I have no problem with people questioning evolution, but they need to have something to support their theory (or disprove yours), not whims and political avatars. You can’t teach two theories as if they are equal when one has insurmountable evidence behind it, and the other merely has religious whims behind it. They are not equal theories and should not be taught as such!

There is a practice in journalism which I despise… the notion that you have to give equal credence to both sides of the argument, treating “facts” from both sides with equal weight, and one side is lying through their teeth and obviously doesn’t have a leg to stand on. They are not equal sides and should never be presented as such.

I grew up in the California bubble, and I actually quite like it. I know California isn’t perfect, but neither is any other state out there. I don’t think I ever realized how different the thinking/attitudes/philosophies where in the rest of the country. Anyway that was just a side thought. I guess we’ll see what becomes of this whole dog & pony show.