So I know its been a while since an update. Things have been pretty crazy, and that surge of web creativity gave way to other things (music an photography). I recently ordered Nikon’s new D70 dSLR, and I can’t wait to get it! I’ve always loved photography, but never really pursued it much until digital came along. The price of film and that overhead was just too costly, and not that much fun when you spent that time and money to develop a 24-exp roll, only to discover there wasn’t a good shot on it, or you forgot to set something. With digital… instant gratification! But real SLRs were way out of my price range. So I’d play with my P&S (point & shoot) Kodak, which is great for trips, but I always wanted more. I have my parents old (but still great) Canon AE-1, which I use when I’m feeling creative. But the obnoxiousness of film always came back. Canon came out with their Digital Rebel, and suddenly I was excited. A sub $1000 dSLR!! And then Nikon came out with something even better! Since I don’t have an investment in glass (lenses), I decided to go with Nikon because of the better camera (and according to a good percentage of people, Nikon makes better glass as well…).

Its been on backorder for a couple of weeks, but I can’t wait to get it. So much stuff I can now do, that film prevented before.