April 6, 2004

Finished Compiling Kernel

Well the Gentoo 2.6.3 kernel finished compiling sometime around midday. I’m now installing xfree, and then onto kde. I’m told this is the longest part (20 hours of compilation time?) I can see why its more convenient to have someone else compile it (ie the package system, RPM, DEB, etc). But I always ran into trouble… either I couldn’t install the package because of invalid dependancies, or the package wasn’t available for my distribution. But everyone at least provides the source code.

While it is much slower I do admire Gentoo’s Portage system. It takes care of updating dependencies, get all the source, and compiling everything, all in one command. Now hopefully at the end of all this I will have a working system. Since I am installing this on my laptop, there are special hardware things to deal with (like the touchpad for instance). But thankfully, the system is setup so I can just compile the kernel again with the right drivers, and hopefully things will eventually work.

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