So Jeff was making fun of my Blog… cause it hadn’t been updated since the beginning of February. Well… fine… here’s a new one =)

I decided to try Linux again. Though this time on my laptop (rather than desktop). The point being I really think having linux experience helps at work, because the entire system is Unix (Solaris to be exact). But I never liked any of the commercial distributions… SuSE is looking better and better, but there are draw backs to it as well because it is similar to Mandrake and Red Had (in draw backs at least). So I’ve decided to test my Linux fortitude and go with Gentoo.

Gentoo is a flavor of Linux that is as close to do it yourself as you can get. You basically compile everything from scratch (which is actually quite nice because you can customize it to your computer when you compile the software). I started the install at 6:00pm today… and I’m just getting round to compiling the system… I still need to compile the kernel and KDE (which I like much better than GNOME). So we’ll see how long it actually takes, but I have definitely learned more about Linux by going though this process. Gentoo’s Installation handbook is incredibly valuable, and I already love their mechanism to keep software up to date. So I’ll let you know how it all goes.