So CVS hasn’t been working like it should. And I’m still trying to get settled into a development environment. When I was running Windows 2000, I had everything set up and everything was familiar (ie not stressful). Well, since iTunes torched that, and I made the leap over to Linux, I just haven’t had the chance to set up something comfortable where I can get web development work done. I got Eclipse up and running, but I can’t get CVS to work properly with it, so its just frustrating. Will keep hacking away at it.

I’ve put new pictures of Ann’s family up in the picture section, so enjoy Ann’s little niece.

Once again, I’ll try to be better about this, but between this and the Fall Back forum, things get a little spread out…

OH… its DAMN cold! Thankfully I don’t live a few hours north, but Ann’s up in Boston this weekend, bearing the brunt of it.