Nothing like a few assholes to ruin a good thing. So, I have been increasingly in the past month been getting spam IM’s. Fucking morons asking if I want to see their web cam, or see some old chicks get down and nasty. You know what? At least I can filter email spam! There isn’t anything yet to filter IM’s (at least with the software I’m using). Yesterday got so bad I got 10 such IM’s while I was at work. Previously, I had been blocking each sender, but for some reason it resulted in MORE and MORE! This morning I moved my primary IM account over to the “Only allow buddies on my buddy list contact me”

I hate it. A had full of assholes are ruining a very good form of communication! If anyone knows how to report these people, let me know.

So basically, if you aren’t already on my buddy list, you won’t ever see me online. So if you change your IM name, or know someone who I might not have on mine, please let me know.

Its a sad state of affairs.

Anyway. I will be going home for the holidays on the 20th and back on the 3rd. I hope everyone enjoy’s their breaks, where ever they are!!

Happy Holidays!