Well, as Jeff kindly pointed out, this space has been sorely neglected. Lets just say its been a “busy” couple of months.

Under this new leaf, I found a new philosophy of numerous small updates, rather than get bogged down in large ones. This may reduce the “Why do I care” factor, but so be it. At least when someone stops by, there’s something new. Now the trick is to see how long it lasts.

In case you’ve been AWOL, Matrix Revolutions is coming out on Wednesday! I really can’t wait for this film (along with a certain December release). I was so grateful when they decided to film Revolutions with Reloaded… I don’t think I could take a 2005 release.

On a more local note, due to an unfortunate (and highly ironic) incident with the new iTunes software where Apple reduced Microsoft to a weeping Blue Screen of Death at every boot, I decided I would install Linux and take the full plunge. I had dabbled in it in dual booting scenarios, but Windows always became a crutch when something was too hard in Linux. I was going to do this all out, and see if I could do it.

Well you can, but you do need a lot of computer know how. If are starting from nothing, Linux is great. It works… its extremely stable… and an excellent OS. However, if you want to try to get hardware or software that vendors only made for Windows and haven’t shown any Linux support, that’s where you need some computer experience.

I installed Mandrake 9.2 and have been really happy with it. There are certain general notions that you have to relearn coming from Windows, but all in all is not too hard. There is plenty of documentation out there helping people (https://www.linuxquestions.org is a great resouce). You can basically do anything you want, and most often get software for free that’s extremely competitive with paid software.

After a bit of work, I finally got my Visor Edge to hotsync. I finally got a P2P client working. I got OpenGL working (I can actually run UT on it, with much better performance than on my windows machine). I need to get the resource.1 file for Quake from home, and I’ll be able to run that as well (such a great game).

The only reason things are harder is because companies are still slow to support it. So dedicated people out there fill the void, and its really incredible what they’ve done.