Summer is supposed to be a relaxing time, where you can do all the things you’ve been putting off because, hey! Summer is comming!

Well that’s not how it works =) I’ve been swamped with interviews (which actually paid off! yay) and chores, and getting ready for vacation, and getting ready to move out to the east coast, and…

Anyway, hopefully things will settle down a bit more in a month or two. If anyone has been reading this and checking back to see if I’ve updated stuff, I apologize for the lack of anything interesting yet. I promise to be better once a routine comes =) (why does that sound so bad?)

Oh well. I’m heading off to Europe for three weeks and then will be moving out to DC as soon as we get back. So check back in September!

Everyone needs to check out the new Spock’s Beard album! They recently lost their front man (Neil Morse), so this is their first release with the new line up!