Wow… so I’m finally done. No more school (at least at this point).

Finals ended pretty well, with the prospect of an incredible beach weekend in Myrtle… Well Mother Nature tweaked an adjective or two, and it turned out to be overcast and windy with evening thunderstorms, and it even hailed the first night (which was pretty incredible in its own right. Watching the hail come down and then the lightning light up the ocean was really breathtaking). But despite the adversity, we managed to get out to the beach almost every day. The last day was great… not exactly blue sky, but much warmer than before. Did a little body surfing… which is just not the same on the East coast (as the ocean science people adeptly pointed out is due to the continental shelf), but it was still fun cause I hadn’t been in at least 3 years.

So now its getting ready for graduation… packing up the room for the last time. We actually had a legit $10 entry poker tournament last night which I ended up winning (a nice pot of $100)! Definitely a nice change considering my usual poker outings.

I’ll be heading up to DC for a few days after graduation to drop off stuff with my uncle and scope out some of the DC housing to get a sense of where the good places are. I’m then heading back to the Bay Area with Paul.

Oh! Speaking of which, I have now driven every inch of Highway 40 (from Barstow, CA to Wilmington, NC). It was pretty cool seeing a sign at the start of 40 saying “Barstow, Calif 2,554” (or some milage around there). Impressive accomplishment isn’t it? Maybe on the drive to DC I’ll drive every inch of Highway 80!


Graduation - 9:00am, Sunday May 11, 2003

Unemployment - 12:00pm, Sunday May 11, 2003