Yes, this is the first entry in my weblog (blog). Though I guess I’m kind of late, since “everyone must be doing this.” Well, in all likelihood, this will get very few views (and fewer comments), but hell, why not right?

This will probably be “updated” more often then my main website. I’m going to try to convert that into a showcase, and make parts of it dynamic. I made a very cool JSP web service in my web programming class that allows me to query freedb (a royalty-free equivalent to cddb) and get back CD information that I can then put in a MySQL database. So over the summer I’m going to try to improve that, and make it so I can use that to keep track of my CD collection. I wish IMDB had a similar capability. Had I not been redoing the marching band website I would have done that as my final project in the class.

You’ll also notice if you check out the date, that I used this as a distraction during finals week (my last finals ever… at least undergraduate). Definitely worth while. Its been nice having a true web host to do all this stuff on. All the neat little things you see on the web, you can finally get to try.

Well anyway, I’ll conclude this first entry. I hope this will be a start of something cool… and worth while =)