Lessig's Change Congress Keynote

His focus has improved dramatically since is first “beta” version of his keynote. I think this effort is moving in the right direction and I’m going to go and check how many people from congress they’ve managed to pledge. I think the first “chorus” (if you will) is too temperamental to rally around, but I completely agree with the second.

July 28, 2008

lessig's new career

About a month ago now, Lessig rebooted his career. Once the champion of copyright reform and founder of the Creative Commons (where he will still have a role), he has now decided to focus on “corruption.” Corruption not in the sense of blatant bribery, and the stereotypical corruption prevalent a few generations ago (though still occasionally still peeks its shunned head out once in a while). I think he has correctly defined the problem to be the “undo influence of money in political, scientific, corporate, legal, medical (et al) decision making....

October 30, 2007

source vs creative commons

Mark Pilgrim has an interesting take on the Creative Common’s license. The CC license is a copyleft framework that allows content creators to choose what rights to retain, and what to grant explicitly, rather than the all assuming copyright ©. The GPL was designed for source code. Applying it to other media runs the gamut of success stories. CC was intended for all possible works… from written text, images, video… anything that you would traditionally stick a © on....

February 16, 2007

Creative Commons

I just finished reading Lawrence Lessig’s new book Free Culture, available under a Creative Commons License. You can download the PDF or buy it here. My senior year at Duke, I took a seminar on Information Technology and the Internet and how they affect different aspects of society. There, I first read Lessig’s Code. Before delving into the book, I want to start with a story. Back when I was building my first webpage (having just learned HTML, I believe the year was 1995, but I can’t remember at the moment), I wanted to create an image map for my site....

April 14, 2004