Updated November 14, 2021

Gatsby Digital Garden

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Korny’s Blog

GitHub - nikitavoloboev/knowledge: Everything I know

Considering Obsidian as a source

Creating a DIY Digital Garden with Obsidian and Gatsby - DEV Community

Considering Bear as a source

GitHub - brucebentley/bear-power-pack: A collection of workflows enhancing the beautiful & flexible Bear writing app on iOS and Mac.

GitHub - Zach-Johnson/bhugo: A tool to transform Bear notes into Hugo-compatible markdown files

Model export Bear-Markdown-Export/ at master · andymatuschak/Bear-Markdown-Export · GitHub

Considering Roam as a source

GitHub - mathieudutour/gatsby-digital-garden: 🌷 🌻 🌺 Create a digital garden with Gatsby

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