Mac Pro Reborn

I mentioned in my previous post on my MacBook Pro how I really, really wanted a retina screen for my MacPro but at the time thought it was nigh impossible given Apple's silence on the product. Then unexpectedly two things occurred:

As thrilled as I was with news of the first, I was in a unique position to take advantage of the second. With my 2010 MacPro, I could actually buy a GeForce 1080 and stick it in my tower mac (yay user upgradability). That combined with a new 4K monitor, I could now breath life into my MacPro!

Few things to note in case you are someone thinking of doing the same:

I dropped my tri-monitor setup in favor of a decent Samsung 4K display and I frankly love the result. I can now play Mass Effect: Andromeda and edit images on a retina display. I'm still looking forward to an upgraded MacPro -- need more cores, faster I/O bus, usb-c -- but this setup should tie me over nicely until then.

Philip Pryke, The phoenix rises, CC BY 2.0
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