wonderful world of pixar

The more obvious ones I got, but the sheer expanse of tie-ins to other projects is really remarkable! Additionally, I'm very excited for the WALL-E movie... I'm hoping it continue the quality production and story that Ratatouille ushered in. The crew they have going there and the consistency of the story telling as almost usurped Disney completely. I know it was a different era and basically different medium (hand-drawn cell art vs. computer animation), but compare these two runs (and note, I've only picked out the "best" Disney classics, at least in my opinion... they have had quite a few that wouldn't be considered classics)

Disney Pixar
Snow White Pinocchio Fantasia Dumbo Bambi Cinderella Lady And The Tramp Sleeping Beauty Robin Hood The Little Mermaid Beauty And The Beast Aladdin The Lion King Toy Story A Bug's Life Toy Story 2 Monsters, Inc. Finding Nemo The Incredibles Cars Ratatouille (WALL-E)

And note, Disney has almost had a century-long head start!