Related to a previous post regarding great 80’s cartoons, I stumbled upon a great 30 minute mix of 80’s cartoon intros. Needless to say it was a fantastic trip. You quickly realize there was a lot of great stuff that you remember very fondly, and then a bunch of stuff you’ve never heard of and think, “Someone must really have been on something to come up with this.” And the name Don Schimer keeps popping up as the producer for many of the early 80’s shows… I’ll have to look him up later. Anyway, on to the recap.

Of those 30, I definitely had seen at least 16 of them (at least one episode). However there are definitely a few that I’m sure were in the 80’s that they missed.

And then a segment that were great cartoons in the 90’s (when you were probably too old to be watching cartoons, but did anyway). You cannot say Anamaniacs was a childish cartoon =)