New Panoramas

I haven't uploaded any of the panorama's I did in the past few months, so I thought I'd do some processing and get it up. Here's the ablum

Carmel Beach Overlook

Carmel Beach Sunset

Highlands Inn (Deck)

Pike's Peak, Colorado

Carmel Beach Sunset

Obviously the last one I've used as my website banner at the moment. There were a lot more attempts in Carmel. It's really hard to take a multi-stich pano of a moving ocean tide. Most of the time the difference is too great if you don't do it right. Additionally, the ocean provides very few anchor points, so unless you have land involved (most often), you won't get them to stitch.

The Highlands Inn one is actually rather old, but it was taken at such an angle that it was really hard to get the horizon to not appear broken (basically a year, obviously on and off, to get it right). Also for the sunset pictures, its really hard to get a full image of the sun without blowing all the highlights and overloading the camera's sensor (producing ugly purple fringing). I got really lucky with the sunset pictures here. It produces a nice contrast, I think.

The Colorado image... man! I was out on a business trip to a Boeing facility in Colorado Springs (for a week), which just happened to be at the same time as a wicked cold spell. Seriously the coldest temperatures I've ever been in! The day before I took this, the high of the day was 4 degrees (low was minus 14! Plus wind chill)! I did pack warm clothes, but I don't own clothes for that kind of weather! Anyway, I had to be up early each morning to get to the facility, so I figured one morning while I was waiting for the car to get warm I'd go and take a shot of the sunset of the mountain range to the west of Colorado Springs (Pike's Peak, basically eastern edge of the Rockies). It was damn cold still =) I'm a little disappointed with the ugly dark grey clouds in the right of the frame, but what can you do. It was one of the few mornings where it wasn't overcast.

Anyway, I hope you like.